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About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be of service to the hunting and shooting fraternity. Our customers and distributors are seen first as people and will be treated with honesty and integrity. We will not serve with mediocrity but with passion to the honor and glory of Father God and His Son Jesus Christ.


About US

Wes and Maria live in Fairview, Alberta where they operate Summach Sports Inc. They also operate a non-profit, registered charity providing professional Christian based counselling.

Wes cannot remember when he was not involved with firearms and hunting along with other outdoor pursuits. This spans a period of time spanning over four decades. He has developed a background of knowledge and certainly many opinions in this time. He also spends time in the shop working on wood and synthetic rifle stocks. He particularly enjoys hand polishing and detailing mauser actions and bottom metal. Maria is a fairly new shooter who is going to be hunting big game for the first time this fall. Maria enjoys the business operations. Making business contacts, book keeping, web design, tax returns, and customer service are some of the many duties Maria fulfills. Both of us are following our passions in life in what we provide for the people we serve.

We carry an inventory of products which reflect particular interests and which we believe better serves our customers. Wes has been particularly interested in the “old time” rifles, therefore, providing reloading components for this niche is a natural. Providing quality reloading equipment also lines up with a personal philosophy of “buying once” and buying well.

The cleaning and maintenance of firearms is one of our main focuses. Wes got frustrated with the “so and so said so, therefore it is truth” concerning bore cleaning products and statements regarding rifle barrel quality. We therefore invested in a Hawkeye borescope and started to form our own ideas based on what we saw. This carried over to the bore cleaning inventory and maintenance products we carry.

We were asked by Hawk Inc. to be the exclusive Canadian dealer. These bullets fit well with our interest in serving the “odd and obsolete” because of the extensive selection, as well as bullet construction to suit various velocities and needs.

We share a passion of firearms and hunting along with enjoying people. We are here to serve our customers in a personal way which reflects our mission. We certainly look forward to meeting and interacting with our customers. We may be a small player in a big landscape but believe there is a place for us and what we provide to our customers.