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Redding Instant Indicator Headspace and Bullet Comparator

Redding Reloading Equipment

Redding Instant Indicator Headspace and Bullet Comparator


Designed specifically for the shooters who are seeking the utmost in accuracy from their handloads.

This instrument provides an extremely quick method for comparing bullets, seating depths, fired cases, sized cases, trim lengths and loaded ammunition for uniformity.

Easily perform any of the following task.

  • Sort bullets for uniformity             
  • Sort cases fired in two or more rifles
  • Sort sized cases for uniformity
  • Set up sizing die correctly *
  • Compare sized cases to fired cases to determine the amount of headspace
  • Check uniformity of shoulder bump
  • Check bullet seating depth uniformity
  • Sort loaded ammunition for uniformity
  • Determine when cases need trimming
  • Check trim length uniformity

Supplied with one bore diameter bushing, surface contactor, shoulder contactor, headspace gauge and complete instructions.

* Tip - the easiest and most repeatable sizing die adjustment can be made with Redding competition shellholders.

Note: The "Instant Indicator" may be used on a family of cartridges with the same shoulder angle.


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