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Redding Match-Grade Model 3BR Powder Measure

Redding Reloading Equipment

Redding Match-Grade Model 3BR Powder Measure


Adjustable Powder Baffle:

    An adjustable powder baffle above the metering chamber creates exceptional uniformity from charge to charge. Maintains a constant amount of powder above the metering chamber regardless of the level of powder in the reservoir.

    Positive Lock:

    When the micrometer adjustment lock screw is loosened to change settings, the micrometer body cannot move, since the micrometer is held in place by a separate lock screw. In a measure this precise, there is no room for error and nothing can be left to chance.

    Precision Micrometer:

    A special micrometer is used in allRedding Match-Grade and Competition Powder Measures that eliminates backlash in the screw threads. Your settings will be fast, accurate and exactly repeatable.


    Comes with Universal Chamber, Charging range approx. 5 to 100 grains.

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